Through a guided tour of IMAP’s Educational Center, you can discover how permaculture can be applied in a holistic way and learn how Mayan ancestral knowledge is still relevant today.

Key features of the center include:

  • imap-oficinaEcological constructions harmoniously integrated into the environment
  • Appropriate technologies, including solar ovens
  • Water management systems (“banana circles” – a low-cost, easily implemented and culturally accepted design for using water run-offs)
  • Composting toilets
  • Organic vegetable gardens using native plants
  • A Mayan cosmovision calendar explaining how ancient knowledge aligns agriculture with the larger cosmos
  • A Seed Bank featuring organically-grown native and heritage seeds

Tour details

  • Duration: 2 to 4 hours
  • Guides: one of the 3 founders of IMAP or one of our long-term volunteers
  • Language: English, Spanish or Kaqchikel
  • Lunch: a traditional Guatemalan lunch, freshly prepared for you at the IMAP center, can be provided for 50Q/person
  • Cost: Q100 per person, 5 people minimum. Discounts available for local groups – contact us at imapermacultura@gmail.com.

Getting to IMAP

We’re located between Santiago Atitlán and San Lucas Tolimán, in a small community called Pachitulul. Don’t let the name deter you – it’ll stick with you after you’ve been here, we promise. Click here for detailed directions.


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