IMAP is located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The stunning Lake Atitlan is in the core of Guatemala and offers a pristine landscape surrounded by a chain of volcanoes and warm-hearted Mayan communities. Immersed in lush greenery, IMAP has such a calming and natural energy that you feel re-grounded as soon as you arrive. Volcanoes, massive trees, lake Atitlan and the altitude of 1,500 meters combine to create a landscape that can only be described as magical.

The trees have a bright green foliage, and spread out high and wide. The light filters through the leaves and throws delicate lace-like patterns on the ground in front of you as you walk. All the flowers along the paths and up along the creeping vines are bold and bright, with lush lips raised toward the sky. In every direction you see green and splashes of colour, dripping with natural opulence.

The effect is nothing short of uplifting. It’s that deep breath you take when you get there, the way your shoulders slouch in relaxation, the instant smile that appears on your face as you enter this biodiversity paradise.


Much love goes into the way we design our gardens and accommodations so that visitors feel re-connected to the Earth as soon as they arrive and much after they leave. The buildings at IMAP are harmoniously integrated into the surrounding ecosystem and make the most of locally available materials.

Along the winding paths you will find permaculture in action: home gardens, herb spirals, medicinal gardens, composting toilets, tree nurseries, solar ovens and fish ponds holistically designed as part of the surrounding environment.

IMAP on Lake AtitlanEcological Housing

We offer on-site ecologically built bungalows for volunteers or groups, snuggled among lush permaculture gardens and fruit trees, overlooking the majestic Lake Atitlan. Guests and volunteers have access to a large common kitchen and a hot shower.

For more information about booking a tour, please click here.

If you’re interested in coming to IMAP as a volunteer, please see our Volunteer page or email us at [email protected]


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