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Permaculture Design Course

Want to learn how to live sustainably?

There’s a growing recognition that we need to reduce our impact and become agents of change.

Yet… How, exactly, do we do that?

Permaculture gives us the tools we need to live more harmoniously with our environment.

It guides us to mimic the patterns and relationships we find in nature and can be a gateway to more mindful living, a path to insightful ways of designing our homes, growing our food, finding our place in the natural world, and more. It seeks not only to protect the environment, but also to use all its wealth in a way that supports both present and future generations.

Getting your Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a great step toward making a difference.

Why choose IMAP for certification?

Certified, experienced instructors

Training in different climate zones

Hands-on projects in local communities

Traditional Mayan knowledge

Takes place on beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

The course is held at the stunning Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The lush natural beauty of the landscape, combined with hands-on work in Mayan communities, make this an authentic, truly special experience. You will work in two different sites, which provide a variety of climates and microclimates, giving you so much more information than other similar courses. You will implement your design project in a local community, which means you will have a huge impact by significantly helping community members prepare their land for small-scale food production.

group_shot_with_ronyIMAP is the only center to also teach Mayan ancestral knowledge and how it works in tandem with permaculture principles. The knowledge delves into questions like: when is the best time to plant? To transplant? To harvest? You won’t find this kind of knowledge in a book – you have to live it.

Through IMAP’s PDC, you will learn about the following (click here for full course description):

•     Introduction to permaculture: history, ethics & principles•     Permaculture and Mayan cosmology•     Natural patterns and cultivated ecosystems•     Reading and understanding the landscape•     Erosion control, fertility and soil conservation•     Natural and cultivated ecosystems•     Developing productive systems with permaculture•     Social permaculture and community self sufficiency•     Drawing techniques and hands-on design projects

Upcoming Dates December 01 – 15, 2019

Course Fee Guatemalans: $1,195

International: $1,495

We require a non-refundable deposit of $300 via Paypal.

Note: A 5% Paypal fee will be applied to the balance (not the deposit). You can be pay via wire transfer to avoid the Paypal fee – email us at for details.

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