Rony Lec – Coordinator

Rony is one of the world’s leading experts in permaculture and Mayan ancestral knowledge. Rony has spent the last 20 years teaching and implementing permaculture throughout Central, South, and North America focusing on promoting food sovereignty and preserving biodiversity for the survival of Indigenous communities. Through his extensive work with Indigenous communities on traditional ecological knowledge, seed saving, native plants, local/global food movements, livelihood security, and the interaction between communities and the environment, he has made a key contribution to the empowerment of Indigenous people around the world. Rony is a co-founder of IMAP.

Gregorio Ajcot – Educational Facilitator
Gregorio has worked in the area of permaculture and sustainable agriculture for 15 years. He specializes in hands-on educational practices that draw from his extensive experience and deep knowledge of native varieties, seed saving, and soil conservation techniques. And he can whip up a garden for anyone, anywhere, using whatever resources are at hand.

Ramiro Tzunun – Educational Facilitator

Ramiro brings a wealth of traditional knowledge to his teaching philosophy. Ramiro not only understands the intrinsic links between people, land, and the cosmos, but also how they apply to agriculture. He brings 15 years experience to his work, and specializes in farmer-to-farmer methodology and crop diversification using native plants for food production.

Ines Cuj – Administrative Accountant
Ines has worked in a variety of NGOs, both large and small, throughout Guatemala. Her attention to detail and experience collaborating with women’s groups are greatly valuable skills for IMAP’s work in local communities. In addition to carrying the primary responsibility for all financial tasks, Ines coordinates the logistics for IMAP’s courses and workshops.

Patrick Mucia – Seed Bank Coordinator

Patrick started out as an Assistant at IMAP, and quickly worked his way up to Seed Bank Coordinator. He monitors seed sales, coordinates with farmers, and ensures quality control and promotion of native seeds.


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