Why We Need Community Seed Banks in Guatemala

About the Seed Bank

Seed bank with native seeds from IMAP

At IMAP, we believe that the shift toward a more nutritious, holistic food system begins with the very stuff of life: its seeds. We view seed savers as guardians of biodiversity, and recognize their potential for improving  food sovereignty.

We promote biodiversity and food sovereignty by selling, donating and trading seeds through our Seed Bank, and sharing knowledge about native heritage seeds.

Goals of a Seed Bank

Through our Seed Bank, we strive to:
•     Foster participation for the preservation of native seeds and
•     Inspire individuals, communities and organizations to save, share and produce seeds.


Our Seed Bank has a tremendous impact on the local level, namely by:
•     Improving nutrition by promoting densely nutritious seeds
•     Increasing availability of native seeds
•     Improving local seed genetic diversity
•     Maintaining Mayan seed heritage and legacy.

IMAP also donates seeds to local schools every year, and talks to teachers and students alike about the crucial role of native seeds in preserving biodiversity.

You can visit the Seed Bank through a guided tour of IMAP.