After working alongside local people and learning about their struggles and joys, you won’t return home the same person – you can count on it. Get inspired to begin your own journey for greater impact on the shores of the stunning Lake Atitlán, in the heart of Mayan culture.

IMAP provides an alternative to hotel chains and tour buses, for travelers looking for a more authentic experience – in a nutshell, you will engage with your environment, and with the people who live there.

Your group will :

•     create real connections with local people•     implement lasting permaculture practices•     participate in hands-on work with a farmer or family, and•     immerse yourself in the rich and textured Mayan culture.

You can choose between the following trips:


Plant Fruit Trees

By planting trees, you will empower a family to 1) produce fruit, 2) generate income by selling the fruit in the local market and 3) conserve the local ecosystem.


Build A Home Garden

Design and build a home garden in a relocated community, in a way that can be carried on and replicated by the community members themselves in the years to come.

school garden great!

Build a School Garden

Alongside school children, you will build a garden in a local school in order to improve food sovereignty and combat malnutrition

Our Group Trips last 7 days/6 nights, but the length of stay is negotiable. They are perfect for meaningful holidays, career breaks, eco-travel, alternative missionary work, or just people seeking to do something beneficial. We can also help you tailor a Group Trip according to your interests. The total price will depend on the options selected and will include:

accommodations of your choiceall activitiesbuilding materialstransportationtranslationhousing, andmeals.

You decide when you want to come, where you want to stay, and which of the available projects you want to implement.

To find out more details, check out our What’s Included PDF document.You can also download our Customisation Options PDF document for further details on customisation options.

To book a Group Trip, contact us at (502) 4549-0578 or [email protected]

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